KŌSA: the point where hito, mono, and koto* meet.
Our main goals are to interview monozukuri-bito people who engage in monozukuri: the product making process in Japan, and while doing so, to return to the origins of monozukuri, and discover the significance and messages that are generated from there.

We hope to create an “intersection point of monozukuri” where many forms of information blend together to create new encounters and possibilities.

*hito (human being) : various people involved with this project including the craftspeople, readers, staff members
mono : things and concepts (products being manufactured, related concepts such as art, tradition, skills, and technology)
koto : events or phenomenon that develop as a result of this project, including new encounters, new discoveries, or various synergies.




Chief editor Yuko Kiyotake
Supervisor Yutaka Endo(LUFTZUG)
Translation Omnitec Japan Inc.

主宰 清武優子・遠藤豊(LUFTZUG)
翻訳協力 オムニテックジャパン株式会社


Contact hello[AT]kosaten.net